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Good Things Delivered Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to Good Things Delivered, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "GTD"). This privacy statement explains the process used by GTD to handle personal data, what personal data we handle, and the purpose for which we handle it. This statement pertains to the handling of data collected and managed at (hereinafter referred to as "the site"). It does not cover privacy policy of the services used by GTD such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or other web-based services from which GTD users link to or from  the site. 

​GTD offers business consulting services and human resource development services, which require communications with client companies, employment candidates, and employers at which those candidates may be placed. These services are founded in relationship and are based on trust, and since GTD currently collects data for those services only it does not share data obtained from users, either that which is obtained from this website or from other means. 

​However, GTD reserves the right to modify its web-based services at any time. In that event, the privacy statement(s) in place at that time will constitute the privacy policy of GTD for those additional or modified services. The user will likely see changes in the site, and they can rest assured GTD will continue to respect and value their privacy no less than it does at the time of this publishing. 

Personal Data Collection

​The site collects data from users (candidates) seeking employment through interaction with the site. The data we collect comes from the user. From the web site, GTD collects the following personally identifiable information:

  • name
  • email
  • phone

In addition we may collect information aimed at job qualification, including job history.

Usage of Personal Data

​GTD will never share a user's personal data without their express consent. However, it is the nature of the service that we offer that, upon obtaining that consent, we do share the data of candidates with hiring managers at client companies. After all, it is one of the reasons we are here -- to help establish relationships and help them grow. Therefore, it is with anticipation of a user's consent to share that we do collect data. Further information than that listed above that is required for the screening of candidates will be acquired through other means.

Personal Data Handling Process

It is up to the user how long GTD will maintain the data provided by the user. The site will store candidate data until they no longer remain a candidate, either because the relevant position(s) filled or because the user no longer wishes to be considered as a candidate. In the event they no longer wish to be considered a candidate, they may request removal from the database. At that point they will be purged. If however, they wish to be considered for other job openings, we will honor that request as well and keep the data. Please note that data freshness is often a consideration in the search process, so the user will be encouraged to keep their data current for the best chance at success